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I am Ravi Bechoe, a game development student at the Dutch university Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. 

My goal is to redefine the basic AI in games. Technology has proven to us that we can create absolutely amazing AI for real world uses, but the fictional department of AI is lacking compared to reality. This used to be the other way around. 

With the use of new technologies, my own created tools, and creative solutions I strive to one day create self learning AI in games to such a degree that it will be impossible to differentiate NPC's from players.

In order to achieve my dream of basically establishing Skynet I try to broaden my perspectives by absorbing knowledge from various cultures, workplaces, and people.


Over the span of many years I have worked at various places to try many things. This is to fuel my endless curiosity and desire to learn and discover more. You can download my CV here.


Advanced: Unity 3D, GitHub, C#, Googling

Proficient: Navicat, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Visual Studio, FileZilla, MS Office

About Me

In 2016 I received my game developers degree. During my study and afterwards I discovered that I was very passionate about creating games. This was mainly due to the limitless possibilities when it comes to creativity and the tools to realize them. With this in mind I established RaafOritme in winter 2016.
Throughout the years I have always enjoyed filming and editing material. This hobby and skill helped me in order to create visually appealing videos. For example most of the trailers shown with my projects are trailers made by myself. You can also see my growth and technical skills throughout the years when it comes to filming and editing. It isn't a necessary skill, but it is very helpful when it comes to giving my projects that nice bit of extra.
Technology is something that has always fascinated me. I love to stay up to date with certain technologies and new discoveries. For example when Virtual Reality was still quite new I wanted to create an immersive music shooter game. Due to this my first published title Audio Infection was born in 2018. In this game I had created various algorithms that helped me to analyze the audio spectrum. This is something that I have reused and improved over the years.
A more recent technology that has grabbed my attention is Ray Tracing (in games). In order to get a good starting position with this I created the game RTX Sweeper in 2022. With this I also wanted to crank up my knowledge about post processing in general. Unity as an engine has so many fantastic tools to up your game, quite literally, so I want to familiarize myself with them and tell others about them as well.
Most of my works and projects are orientated towards my future goals. I plan to create an AI for games that is capable of learning and "evolving". This is because we have so many fantastic AI's out there that are used for the best possible purposes, but in the past fiction used to be ahead of reality and not the other way around. With this in mind I want to redefine the "basic" AI in any game. The best possible outcome would be when people couldn't differentiate NPC's from actual players in both speech and behavior. 
Personally I think that having a conversation is the best way to get to know someone rather than reading a bunch of text, with that in mind feel free to contact me anytime about anything.
You can always find some of my project on my Itch page.
You can also inspect my public projects on GitHub.




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