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After working for several years with Unity, I have gotten familiar with certain components and methods. In the small videos below you can see a simplefied demostration of each. 


Shaders in CG in Unity3D (deprecated).

I've wanted to learn about shaders for quite some time. Recently I started with some tutorials, trying to make my way up to mastering writing shaders. As for now my skills are still limited, but I'm learning as time passes by.


Legacy Particle System (deprecated, mastered shuriken after since Unity 5+).

Light effects and particles are in my opinion the products that finishes the looks of a game. In this video I will be showing you some small samples of particles made in the legacy system. I will also show how I can manipulate it by using some scriptings.


LOD and Tesselation.

LOD can save lots and lots of memory usage, while tesselation improves the graphics. The combination of both can be really powerful and it can show some neat work that doesn't suck up to much memory. In this small project I used Occlusion Culling aswell, which saves memory aswell.




Ravi Bechoe Game Developer | rbechoe@outlook.com